About us

WCT’s objective is to offer its clients different services by their own partners.

WCT activity is also done to institutional entities who wish to provide their customers with a single point of contact for a variety of services while maintaining the management and supervision of the client

WCT has evolved from the combination of its partners’ diverse experience in tax, legal, corporate finance, and business development, uniting a thorough knowledge of local markets with a global perspective.

Our experience is able to manage all aspects of legal, tax, and accounting that a foreign entity may encounter when investing in Italy or an Italian might face when investing abroad.
All its partners and associates possess a high level of skills, combined with significant experience and aptitude to work in close contact with the strategic, operating and organizational issues of companies.

Our objective is to build long-term relationships and partnerships with our clients based on the quality of our work and a shared appreciation of professional values. Our collaboration with and dedication to the client enable us to create solutions and obtain results allowing the client to achieve its strategic objectives and ambitions.

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